The Red Carpet Project

The Red Carpet Project is an artistic collaboration which endeavors to re-humanize women who’ve become statistics of domestic violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Our intent as artists is that the canvas roll, paintings and play which comprise The Red Carpet Project inspire conversations about misogyny and its effect on our lives.

October 2-5 & 9-12
G1/CW gallery - Pittsburgh
-Artwork by: Lisa Ash, John Belue, Diego Byrnes, Jane Graille, Peggi Habets, Jill Hackney, Heather Heitzenrater, Annie Heisey, Sarah Hengel, Elizabeth Lana, Chelsea Long, Kathy Mazur, Ramon Riley, and Evan Rumble
-Staged readings of IN SHELTER by Jane Graille

The Red Carpet Project

We are transcribing (in various shades of red paint) the names and loving memories people shared of females killed by an intimate partner rather than the details of their murders. Upon entrance into G1/CW gallery's space patrons will see, and symbolically walk upon, The Red Carpet of women's names running the length of the gallery floor. The galllery walls will display curated works by Pittsburgh artists which depict aspects of misogyny.

The Red Carpet Project canvas is a provocative work. As we research the names of victims felled by domestic violence, typically the initial search results are an abuser's mug shot, information about his trial, what his crimes were. Even in death, public and media focus defers to the male.

In writing their names and kind words people shared about these women, we're hoping to convey the impact the loss of so many women has upon our lives. Statistics of female intimate-partner casualities remain constant: in the U.S. 1,800+, and globally 60,000+, each year. By shifting the public discourse to address losing mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends The Red Carpet Project will compel individuals who see it to demand reportage about who we've lost in our communities rather than the crimes of individual abusers.